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About us

We are Silvio and Fiona, a married couple with the same passion – FISHING.  Then there is our son Scott.  No need to say, he took after both of us.

Our family continued to grow when we opened our first shop in G’Mangia in 2006.  Clients were adding daily.  Meeting them regularly and helping them increase their catch makes you feel part of them.

Bigger families require bigger spaces and that is when we decided to open our second shop in Zebbug.  People come from all over the Maltese Islands.  The funny thing about it is that everyone comes and talk to you about everything that they are going through in life, the reason why they are fishing more or less or maybe why they are changing technique.

Fishing helps people from all walks of life.  Some need to relax, others need to meet their friends or maybe use their time doing something they love.

We are proud to say that no matter what, fishing makes us family.

The Phylosophical explanation behind the ANGLER ICON concept follows –

The ANGLER’s venture identity is hereby symbolized by the icon core space, encapsuled and confined by a Hyperbolic triangle.

The Hyperbolic Triangle has a trifold symbolization, namely:

  1. Figurative – most straightforward, mainly that of a fish dorsal fin, or a sail symbolizing the marine related nature and essence of the business as quoted in our slogan – “Think Fish” – All that is related to Fish, is automatically related to the ANGLER venture.
  2. Mathematical – The Triangle is well known in mathematical representation to symbolize the ethical; the Ideal; the Exactness; the Perfection – the key to everything.

The first idea we get from this iconic symbol is wholeness – nothing can be added to it nor subtracted from it without impairing its unity. The shapes within the Hyper-triangle space are invariably related between one another in unity; in diversity & in our identity.

  1. Physical – the Triangle represents the Fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet known as DELTA, and in Physics the Delta sign is used to represent the ongoing Change. The Ongoing Change which our venture is prepared to challenge.

The vertices of the Hyperbolic triangle are also representative –

  • The lower left hand vertice represents the origin/ the initiation/ the strating point represented by its lower position and the elongation in its path;
  • The lower right hand vertice represents the professionalism both in terms of product quality and ethical approach;
  • Finally both lower vertices as represented converge towards the top vertice or the Apex which symbolize the acme – the end point/ the culmination of the ascending process & development growth.

To end up – The RED Colour in our Logo & icon. In color psychology red means ENERGY, PASSOIN, ACTION & STRENGTH!

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